High Stakes, yes?

niki_edited“It’s in the early years that children…

—First try to understand and master their environment and find those efforts encouraged-

– Or not.

—First attempt to concentrate and find it possible –

– Or not.

—First conclude that the world is orderly and predictable –

– Or not.

—First learn that others are basically supportive and caring –

–  Or not.

—It is in those years that the foundations for later learning are laid down –

– Or not.”

from Heart Start, 2006

The reason this quote is so powerful for me is that the first sentences are EVERYWHERE.  No one contests them.  Subsequent research only makes them more unassailable.  But we aren’t driven to urgent action because we rarely discuss the “or not” outcomes.   I maintain the “or not” outcomes are far more prevalent than the general public knows – especially parents.  Mediocre child care produces the “or nots” every single day throughout the country.   It doesn’t take a horrendous child care program to rob children of their right to grow strong and smart.  It just takes the adults allowing a ho-hum kind of trance to settle  over their thinking.   Done.

High Stakes, yes?

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